Gruppo Maio, through Dupont Energetica, has decided to support the FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano by joining the Corporate Golden Donor program.
The Group has always been aware of operating in a sector that interacts directly with the territory where its industrial sites are located. For this reason, the Group wants to integrate a program to protect the Italian naturalistic and landscape heritage within the responsible management system. This is the reason that pushed the Gruppo Maio to choose to support FAI, the Association that in Italy has been dealing, for 45 years, with the protection and management of 66 assets throughout the country. Important historical, artistic and landscape areas saved from neglect, restored, protected and open to the public.
Art and nature are the answer to the country’s demand for resilience and harmonious development.

According to Guglielmo Maio, Operations Director, “the Group has been working with the utmost seriousness and professionalism for several decades in the waste sector, we have always pointed out the importance of ensuring environmental healthiness in the management of our plants. During the planning, implementation and management of our activities, we always keep in mind that the plants must coexist with the territory. Joining FAI is an ambitious cultural challenge and a duty for me, we want to contribute to make Italy an increasingly beautiful place to live, work and raise our children“.

Parco Villa Gregoriana
Tivoli (Roma)
Entrusted to FAI in concession since 2002
2008 © Maurizio Maniscalco