The tangible value of working


Gruppo Maio’s operations have always drawn inspiration from the tangible value of working in an area and ensuring that it is respected and protected to the fullest. The cycle of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, either municipal or special, must go hand-in-hand with the recovery of resources and the correct and responsible management of the residual percentage of non-recyclable waste. The plants managed by the Group deal precisely with this: recovering what can be utilized and correctly treating what cannot, thus minimizing any risk to health and the environment. All of the companies of the Group make sustainability, towards the environment and above all towards the local area, their core value. Only through strict controls and constant monitoring can the highest industry standards in terms of safety and health be guaranteed. In this perspective, it is worth noting the achievement of ISO 14001 environmental certifications and EMAS Registration, the highest public recognition with regard the environment.


Treating and disposing of special and standard waste

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