The company Brema Ambiente Shpk (srl), a company incorporated under Albanian law, established in 2012, holds a concession for the construction and management of an industrial park in the locality of Rrashbull (8 km from the port of Durazzo; approximately 15 km from Tirana). Currently, within the industrial park, a controlled landfill plant for hazardous and non-hazardous special waste has been authorizated and completed, for a total disposal capacity of 1,000,000 m3; it is the only disposal plant with these characteristics in the entire Albanian territory, owned and managed by Brema Ambiente. Also within the park, Brema Ambiente plans to build a plant for the processing of fluff and the recovery of non-ferrous materials. The industrial park, of which Brema Ambiente will have total availability and management, will also be able to host any industrial projects by third-party companies; upon reaching a minimum of five distinct industrial settlements, the entire industrial park will acquire the status of "free zone". The sector of activity in which it operates is that of the treatment and disposal of special waste and the recovery of materials. In detail the core of Brema Ambiente • Mechanical transformation and crushing of secondary raw materials, metal waste resulting from the separate collection of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap and other recoverable goods and waste, for the purposes of recovery and recycling; • Demolition and reclamation of motor vehicles, motor vehicles, and in general of motor vehicles and trailers, of railway wagons, carriages and engines, of vessels of any type, of buildings and buildings in general; • Processing, selection, transformation, treatment, recovery, recycling, and intermediation and wholesale and retail trade of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, scrap and waste; • Design, construction and management of landfills, incinerators, recovery, recycling, inertization and waste treatment plants, purification and water treatment plants, including with energy recovery, construction and management of reclamation and environmental remediation of contaminated land and areas.