Canosa di Puglia

The experience of Gruppo Maio in Puglia began, on 1997, with ‘once a time’ BLEU Srl which designed and built a plant for the disposal of not hazardous industrial waste in Canosa di Puglia, in the province of Barletta-Andria-Trani. This plant is now “closed to disposal” (since May 4th 2019), still in the operational management phase, preparatory to definitive coverage and the start of post-management. After the incorporation of BLEU Srl into DUPONT ENERGETICA Srl, which took place in July 2020, the management of this plant, with the relative authorizations, was transferred to DUPONT ENERGETICA Srl itself, then became (on 04.20.2020) DUPONT ENERGETICA SpA.

The plant is divided into four lots that have been authorized to operate at different times according to the following chronology:

  • Lot 1st and 2nd
  • Lot 4th
  • Lot 3rd

Subsequently, all the cultivated lots formed a single storage basin. Since its realization until its closure to disposal, the plant has accepted only non-hazardous waste.

The disposal procedure and the overall management process followed the same operating procedures and criteria as those currently in place at the Minervino Murge plant.


cubic meters

Amount of waste disposed of



Number of clients


per day

Average vehicles handled



Closed to disposal



Expected end of operational management and final capping

Benefits for local communities

Helping improve the urgent situation in the management of the cycle of waste from the treatment of sorted waste in the area; at the service of public and private entities.