Opening hours: Monday to Friday – 08: 30 AM -12: 30 PM / 01:30 PM – 05:30 PM

In Umbria, in the province of Perugia, there is a preliminary storage and placed into reserve of special non-hazardous and special hazardous waste managed by MAIO TECH Srl.

Plant activities

  • Preliminary deposit and storage facility of special hazardous waste (IPPC activity 5.1 – Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control): “Hazardous waste disposal or recovery plants” category.
  • Preliminary deposit and storage facility of special hazardous and non-hazardous special waste.
  • Preliminary reconditioning (pouring out) of special hazardous liquid waste (technically connected activity).

  • Collection and transport of hazardous and special non-hazardous special waste produced by industrial, artisan and agricultural activities, etc. (technically connected activity).
  • Preliminary deposit of fixing, development and bleaching solution special waste
  • Storage of non-hazardous waste (technically connected activity)



Amount of waste disposed of


per year

Vehicles handled



Number of clients



Year of opening

Types of controls/checks programmed

Plant management operating procedures

  • Draw up a contract with the client and acquire documentation for waste management
  • Draw a contract with any third-party transporters and disposal and/or recovery facilities
  • Sending of the disposal request by the assignor
  • Acceptance of waste delivered by third parties at the Gubbio plant
  • Storage of waste from various activities: industrial, craft, agricultural, commercial, etc.
  • Disposal/recovery of stored waste