About Us


Gruppo Maio has been operating for over 40 years in the field of environmental protection through the integrated management of waste treatment and disposal. The company arose from a family micro-enterprise based in Castel Frentano (CH) founded by Guglielmo Maio, in the mid-70s, with the support of his two children, dedicated to the pioneering activity of the disposal of radiographic liquids with the associated recovery of silver, about ten years before national legislation regulated the subject. Today, the Group is led by one of the co-founding sons, Francesco Maio.

“Gruppo Maio” represents the commercial brand through which the family holding company, Dupont Energetica S.p.A., is known, which exercises direct control of a group of companies that deal with the management of various industrial plants and facilities that are involved in numerous initiatives carried out through Italy and abroad.
The Central Office is located in Lanciano, in the region of Abruzzo. Over the years, Gruppo Maio has always made significant investment in training and technological development in order to allow strict control of operating activities, ensuring responsible management of its plants across the country.


Working in an area and ensuring that it is respected and protected to the fullest

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