Pignataro Maggiore

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In Campania, in the province of Caserta, COSMER Srl manages the Pignataro Maggiore plant which deals with the collection, transport, storage, selection, recovery and disposal for waste recycling. The total gross area belonging to the company is 18,000 square metres. The covered area is about 4,000 square metres. The capacity of the waste storage facility is approximately 4,500 cubic meters. Storage takes place in covered containers with appropriate identification. The treatment plant (selection, sorting and volumetric reduction) of special non-hazardous waste is equipped with machinery for selecting and compacting materials, consisting of a conveyor belt and a crusher for compacting and binding waste with the production of uniform bales; then there is the waste sorting line with conveyor belt, mechanical vibrating screen, belt for manual sorting of waste with corresponding holes and collection areas, the treatment process also in this case is finished off by crushing through the belt leading to the compactor.

Requirements for companies in waste management

Companies that produce hazardous or non-hazardous waste deriving from industrial and artisanal productions, from the treatment of other waste, from water treatment or from the reduction of fumes, must present the UNIFIED ENVIRONMENTAL DECLARATION FORM (Italian acronym: M.U.D.) reporting the annual management of waste by company: generated waste, waste sent for disposal at authorised facilities and waste sent for recovery.
The manufacturing companies must keep LOADING AND UNLOADING REGISTERS, a real “waste accounting register”, approved by the Chamber of Commerce where the local unit of the waste producer is located and kept by the waste producer for five years from the date of the last registration.
The register must record the information on the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the waste managed, to be used for annual reporting to the WASTE INVENTORY constituted at the regional agencies for the protection of the environment.

COSMER Srl specializes in:

  • Collection, transport and disposal of special non-hazardous and special hazardous waste at authorized disposal, treatment and recovery/re-use facilities with which COSMER has official contracts and agreements.
  • Storage, treatment, selection, recovery and preparation for the recycling and disposal of waste carried out at the Pignataro Maggiore plant equipped with a technologically advanced system.
  • Commercial brokerage activities.

  • Assistance and consultancy in the approach and in the carrying out of all the bureaucratic, administrative and legal practices on the subject.
  • Sampling and chemical analysis of waste, as it has an agreement with an accredited chemical laboratory. Operations with earth moving vehicles.
  • Cleaning and remediation of soils, tanks and reservoirs.
  • The design and management of ecological plants and platforms.
  • Rental of ecological swap bodies and compactors of various sizes for waste collection within the sites.

Vehicles and Equipment

COSMER can count on a fleet of ten trucks and owns authorized vehicles and equipment suitable for the activities carried out: trucks with swap bodies, dump semi-trailers, trailers with swap bodies, low-bed semi-trailers, loaders, excavators, forklifts, cranes, ecological containers of various capacities and characteristics that allow it to fulfill the various collection requirements.

Our services

  • Special non-hazardous waste collection for storage, sorting and selection plant.
  • Containers rental
  • Disposal of non-hazardous waste
  • Disposal of valorized waste
  • Disposal of hazardous waste
    (to be quoted on the basis of the characterization of the waste with disposal at the major nationally accredited plants)

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