Safety and environment

The environment is our goal, not the means

Today more than yesterday, tomorrow better than today.


The survival of humanity will depend on our ability to understand the principles of ecology and live based on them. This challenge transcends all our differences in race, culture or class.

The tangible value of working

Environmental Management System

For Gruppo Maio, doing business responsibly remains one of the main objectives. Gruppo Maio has implemented a Quality and Environmental Management System that allows for a unique and integrated vision of the objectives and results it aims for, thereby facilitating planning, the allocation of resources, the identification of complementary objectives and the evaluation of the overall effectiveness of the organization. All Group companies carry out their activities ethically and responsibly

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Strict compliance with current legislation and full cooperation with national and local institutions, as well as with the competent authorities, have resulted in Gruppo Maio becoming a model of best practice in the waste treatment sector.


By talking and listening to institutions and local communities, management programmes can be identified for the various life stages of the plants, which respond to specific needs such as those related to environmental cleanup in the post-management phase.


At the base of the two key principles mentioned, Legality and Integration, we find a common denominator in the deep respect that the Group has always nurtured for the local area, the community and the workers. The quality of a business grows in proportion to its ability to enhance the social and environmental fabric that hosts it.