Gruppo Maio has always defense the health of its workers and defense them from problems related to indoor pollution. To ensure a healthy and safe workplace the Company has chosen the “Pure & Clean” and “Beyond Guardian Air” volumetric sanitizers h24, by Aerus Electrolux.

From today, the offices of the Group’s headquarters in Lanciano and the operating offices of Dupont Energetica in Puglia also benefit from these important devices for the prevention and fight against pathologies related to indoor pollution.

Volumetric sanitizing devices combine a unique combination of technologies, such as ion generation, a sealed filter better than HEPA and photocatalytic oxidation. The strong point that makes the purifier unique is the exclusive ActivePure® technology by the effectiveness proven by various tests conducted in university laboratories and by the action demonstrated against bacteria, all, powders and mushrooms in the air e on surfaces.

Active Pure technology is the only one to have been awarded the CERTIFIED SPACE TECHNOLOGY certification by the Space Foundation; the Space Certification Program was created in collaboration with NASA.

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