On Wednesday September 23th, 2020, Maurizio Campitelli, Commercial Manager of Dupont Energetica, was elected councillor of the Environment Section of Confindustria Chieti Pescara.

Dupont Energetica (Gruppo Maio’s company) deals with the centralized commercial management of the contracts offered directly by the individual companies of Gruppo, in addition to carrying out brokerage and consultancy activities for the correct disposal of waste for third-party companies.

Since July 2020, following the merger by incorporation of BLEU, the company is responsible for the Canosa di Puglia and Minervino Murge plants. It has acquired the know-how and expertise necessary for environmental remediation and the design, construction and management of landfills (with related processing systems).

Maurizio Campitelli has been managing the Commercial Area for the Grouppo Maio’s companies for over 30 years.